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A video where I rank all 13 of Murakami's novels from #13 to #1! These are MY OPINIONS - I'm not sorry if your fave is at the bottom of the list because I'm allowed to think how I want :)

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1. KATE you read so many Murakami novels?? Where do I start??
I have an entire video made for the purpose that I get asked this literally every video I mention Murakami – I have it in a playlist or you can easily search it on my channel!
2. How do you pronounce your username?
Pfeil is pronounced “file” – it’s German
3. What is your college major/what do you do in college?
I was originally a nutrition major and I’m now in English Education. I’m planning on teaching English in Korea
4. What languages do you know?
English, Spanish, German, Korean and ASL. Yes, feel free to leave comments in any of these languages and I’ll try my best to reply in that language – my German is a little rusty since I only use it with my Grandparents and I’m currently learning Korean soooo cut me some slack lol English and Spanish though I’m (basically) fluent.
Yes, I love Kpop – I post kpop related unboxings/MV reactions and first listens and stuff like that on this channel! My bias groups are BTS and EXO (and EXOCBX) and my UB is Zhang Yixing. I also fucking LOVE Bastarz, Seventeen, Blackpink, Dean, CL, and GD. I also watch kdramas so totally feel free to chat with me about them in the comments!


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