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Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross are one of the most enduring Hollywood couples! But do you know what this family has been through to be together? Sam Elliott and his wife have been married for 33 years. Sam Elliott’s life proves that real feelings become better with age. In our video you can find a lot of photos of Sam Elliott and his wife. It’s truly inspiring love story!

When did Sam Elliott meet Katharine Ross at the first time? - 0:13
When did Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross start their relationship - 0:44
Previous marriages of Katharine Ross - 1:10
Katharine Ross about Sam Elliott voice - 1:22
The birth of Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross daughter - 1:39
Sam Elliott in ‘Mask’ - 1:56
Sam Elliott in ‘The Hero’ - 2:21
Sam Elliott about his marriage - 2:32

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